When a dad becomes a doctor

Posted September 20, 2018 09:13:24 A father of medicine who helped his family with medical issues has been hailed as a hero by his doctors.

Read more The father of Dr Andrew Williams is a father of three, and he was a consultant on medical conditions for children in his native country of South Africa.

Dr Williams, who has a degree in surgery and paediatrics from the University of Cape Town, was the director of the hospital’s pediatric unit and a father to two boys.

“It was an extremely traumatic time for me as a parent, but I’ve got a great appreciation for what doctors do, and I feel fortunate that I have been able to take my children on that journey with me,” Dr Williams told reporters at the Australian Medical Association Annual General Meeting in Melbourne.

“In the past, when I was working as a consultant, I was always asked to go back to South Africa to work in the field,” he said.

“I’m glad that now I’m back with my family.”

This is my fourth child.

I was not expecting it, but it’s amazing to see that my two children are here.

“Dr Williams’ mother, Dr Gail Williams, said she was “deeply grateful” to have had the opportunity to serve as a role model for her family.

The father of five said he had always been “fond of his work” and was looking forward to having more time with his children, who are aged three and five.”

What I am grateful for is that I am a father.

It gives me a sense of achievement, because I’m able to give my children the knowledge and the tools,” Dr Johnson said.

Dr Johnson said he was “incredibly proud” of his contribution to the country’s medical infrastructure.”

My father’s contribution to medicine was huge,” he added.”

He was a father in every sense of the word.

“The fact that we now have this national health service that is working well, and a lot of other people are coming forward with great ideas, it’s a really exciting time for our country.”