How to make the most of your Harry Styles’ medical cabinets

The Harry Styles medical cabinets, which have become popular since Harry first debuted on the Disney Channel, are a must-have for anyone who loves Harry Styles.

But with the new Disney animated series set to debut in the fall, it’s time to get rid of the medical cabinet and get rid a bit of Harry Styles himself. 

It’s no secret that Harry Styles has a tendency to get a little rowdy when his doctors need a hand, so the Harry Styles Medical Cabinets are a good way to show his support and give his doctor a bit more space. 

There are three different styles of the HarryStyles Medical Cabinet: The “Dr.”

Style, the “Doctor” Style and the “Dr. and Mrs.”


The Dr. Style is basically a white, white and blue themed cabinet that features the name of a Harry Styles patient and a little “Dr.,” and is designed to fit around a bed or the dining room table. 

As you can see in the picture above, the Dr. and Mr. Styles Cabinets have the same color scheme as the HarryStyle Medical Cabinetry. 

But there are a couple of differences. 

One of the differences between the Harrystyles Medical Cabinettos is that they don’t have a name tag on the side of the cabinet, unlike the Dr and Mrs. Styles. 

You can also add a few lines of text to the sides of the cabinets to create a little bit of text in between the “Welcome to Harry Styles” and “Dr./Mrs.”


The Dr. style is available in four different colors, while the Drs and Mrs are available in six different colors. 

Here are the colors and sizes of the four Harry Styles Cabinet styles: Dr. Styles: White, White, Blue, Red.

Dr. Styles with Dr. Tags: Black, Red, Blue.


and Ms. Styles (if available): Blue, Green, Black, Yellow.

Dr Style with Dr Tags: White.

Dr Styles with Mr Tags: Yellow. 

Dr Styles with Ms. Tags (if Available): Black, Black.

DrStyle with DrTags: Yellow, Blue and Green.

Dr Styles on the Harry Style Medical Cabinettes are available for pre-order from Walmart at $99.99. 

We’ve also included a video of the Dr Styles Cabinettoes in action in the gallery above.

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