IKEA Medical Cabinet in Seattle is getting a $50 million overhaul

IKEa Medicine Cabinet is getting the biggest upgrade in the Seattle metro area, as the Swedish furniture retailer announced the installation of a $5 million renovation of its Seattle headquarters, where it has a major presence.

The renovation will include a new medical tech lab, a new pharmacy, a large new office space, a renovated medical department, and new seating for medical and patient events, IKEablog reported.

The new building, which opened in November, will be the largest and most ambitious expansion of the company’s Seattle headquarters in decades.

It will also include a brand new conference center, a newly designed conference room, and a new conference room and conference room with a large TV for use in the office.

The expansion is expected to take two years to complete.

The renovations will be completed by early next year, Ikea said in a statement.

The company said the new space will be used for events like conferences, product launches, sales events, and customer service.

IKEblog also reported that IKEas new new headquarters is the largest office in Seattle for a furniture retailer.