Jock itch, prescription drug, and medical marijuana in Florida

The state has already approved three medical marijuana prescriptions, according to the Florida Department of Health. 

But that hasn’t stopped some people from getting a little excited about getting their medicine.

The first prescription came from a woman in Miami, according, the Miami Herald. 

“I was trying to get some kind of pain medication that I needed,” she told ABC affiliate WPLG. 

The woman’s name is Carol. 

Her prescription came on December 14, and it was for painkillers for both pain and anxiety. 

She told the station that she took the prescription from her local pharmacy because she thought it was more efficient than buying prescription painkillers from the drug store.

She says she got a prescription from the pharmacist on January 10.

She took it a couple of times, but said she eventually decided to go to the pharmacy to get the prescription because it wasn’t there any other day.

“It’s kind of a miracle,” she said.

“They gave me a prescription and said I have a pain medication,” she added.

“I didn’t know what it was.”

The woman, who works as a teacher at a Miami-Dade school, said she also bought a drug called Ocymex from a local pharmacy, but didn’t think it was right for her.

“She’s been getting it for over 10 years and she hasn’t had any side effects,” the woman said. 

Caroline said the pharmacy also sent her a prescription for Klonopin, but she was skeptical.

“If I’m getting Klonopine for a condition that I don’t even know about and they’re telling me they can’t do anything for it, I don�t know,” she explained.

Caroline has been using her pain medication with her painkiller. 

A few weeks ago, she was able to get her first prescription. 

Klanopin is also the brand of painkiller the Drug Enforcement Administration says is responsible for the rise in prescription opioid overdose deaths. 

While Florida has already granted several medical marijuana cards, it’s not the first state to approve it.

The Associated Press first reported the Florida Department of Health had approved a medical marijuana prescription for Carol on Thursday. 

It was the first prescription of any kind approved by the state’s health department. 

Florida has more than 200,000 people enrolled in medical marijuana programs. 

ABC News s Laura Zuckerman contributed to this report.