How to play Destiny with a water pistol

I am currently reading the latest issue of the New York Times Magazine and I have been wondering if water pistols are any good for playing Destiny.

I am sure that they are, but is it worth trying them out?

I am not sure.

If I have a water gun that shoots water, and I shoot at an enemy with a heavy machine gun, I am going to be able to hit them.

I do not have the stamina to deal with heavy machine guns, especially if I have an anti-tank weapon like the Goliath or a Scout rifle.

If my water gun is going to kill enemies, it is going for the heart and not for the head.

I can still be a competent gunner with a good water gun, but I am not going to see that as my primary goal.

I am going with the heavy machine pistol in the article below.

I have read that this is a good gun for getting a headshot on some of the harder enemies, and it is certainly an option.

I find that the heavy gun has more power and accuracy, but it is not the best for killing the toughest enemies.

If I am trying to shoot at a very hard enemy, I want to shoot for the body.

If that is the case, I would rather have a shotgun or sniper rifle.

The heavy gun, on the other hand, has more punch and it has a nice recoil that will knock a lot of enemies off their feet.

It does have a slightly bigger magazine than the machine gun and a bigger magazine capacity, but those are only a couple of issues worth of a watergun that will kill a lot more enemies.

I will take the heavy pistol over the shotgun or rifle if I am fighting a pack of tougher enemies.

What I will do with the water gun if I need to play it is probably different.

If the heavy guns are my primary weapons, I will probably use them in a group of people with no other weapons.

I may use the gun to kill a few enemies with one shot.

I might use the water pistol as a single shot kill to wipe the floor with an enemy, or I might go for headshots with a couple rounds of water to take out a few tougher enemies with the weapon.

I would likely be using the watergun to take down some of these tougher enemies, especially since I am using the heavy weapon instead of the machine guns.

This might also be a good way to conserve ammo for the water weapon in case I do run out of it.