How to avoid blossom medical emergency

By: Praveen Pandey and Ritu VermaThe Indian Medical Association (IMA) has released a booklet which helps to keep the public informed about medical emergencies and the need to seek immediate treatment.

The booklet, which was prepared by IMA President Dr. Subrata Ramakrishnan, states: “The IMA is an organization that is responsible for providing the public with information regarding medical emergencies, including outbreaks, in the country.

It is not an organization to be held responsible for the emergency.

Therefore, it is not in the power of the IMA to take the position that an emergency is a medical emergency.”

The IMa is the largest medical fraternity in India and is a major force in the state of Maharashtra.

The book also highlights the importance of maintaining an open communication channel with the public and the media.

The IML, which has a board of members, includes physicians, dentists, physiotherapists, anaesthetists and anaestheists.